McKendree United Methodist Church is a small church in rural King William County, VA. Visitors and new members frequently say that they feel like family when they come through our doors. Our pretty little country church, founded in 1890, is a growing body of Christ that serves the spiritual and human needs of its members and the larger community through worship, service and outreach program ministries. Come visit us and be a part of our family in Christ.



McKendree Church History 

McKendree UMC was built in 1898 and named for the first American-born Methodist bishop. Bishop William McKendree, born in King William County, July 6, 1757, lived his first seven years within five miles of the church site. His family moved to James City County and he later served in the Revolutionary War under General William Aylett. At age 19, he joined a Methodist Society and was challenged by his father to take up the ministry. By age 44, he was given the responsibility of the Western Conference: Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, western Virginia and parts of Illinois. McKendree is credited with opening the "wilderness" to the West as a circuit-riding preacher. He was attributed with being the first bishop to use Parliamentary Law to run a General Conference Meeting. He was buried at his brother James' home in Sumner, Tenn. His remains were later reburied at Vanderbilt University.

We're a little country church with a BIG HEART!

Beginning June 14 at 9:30 AM, we will begin Drive-In worship. Attendees must stay in their cars. Restrooms will not be available or access to the inside of the church.  Worshippers will enter the cemetary side of the church and be directed to a parking place 6 feet apart from other vehicles.  You do not have to wear a mask in your vehicle. Windows may be open to listen. 

Please arrive between 9:10 and 9:25. Worship will begin at 9:30. 

Please let Pastor Betty Jo know ahead of time that you are coming. Visitors are welcome. We will ask they fill out a visitor card and place it in the butterfly net as they leave. If you wish to bring an offering to the service, that may also be deposited in the butterfly net as you leave, or you can continue to mail in your offerings.

If it is raining, there will be no Drive In Service, but we will have the teleconference worship as we have been doing during the quarantine. 



Congratulations to Will Reed on his graduation from King William High School.